Thursday, March 3, 2011

Palm Cove

Palm Cove - Feb.20
After church we loaded up the car again to go explore another beautiful beach.  Today we went just a little further North to Palm Cove, about 30 minutes from us.  This beach had shady places to sit and picnic tables to enjoy our lunch at.  There was a wharf where lots of people were fishing from.  You could see Double Island and another small island from the beach.  There was also a boat launch.  Just 2 days earlier a crocodile tried to get into the Palm Cove swim enclosure.
Scott went for a very long walk, the kids dug in the sand, and then we all played in the water.  The waves were so big and fun to jump, ride or slam into.  We met up with the other 2 exchange teachers in the area, Catherine, and Lisa & her daughter, Shelby.  Lisa is from Toronto and Catherine is from the UK.  Another great day at the beach!

Digging back to Canada

Catherine, Lisa, Shelby & Cindy
bracing for the waves

Windy day makes big waves!

Jumping the waves

tired after riding the waves

wharf and boat launch

Double Island

Secure swim area

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  1. WOW! Looks fun!!! Are we gonna be able to hit all these beaches in 10 days?? LOL

    Love the new haircuts!!!!! ;-)