Tuesday, March 15, 2011

our home

our back window our Toyota Kluger
Our Home
We have a lovely home with 3 bedrooms, an office, a family lounge with a t.v. and a children's lounge with another t.v.  We have an attached 2 car garage out front and a fenced in backyard with palm trees.  There are fans in every room and air conditioners throughout as well.  The windows all have screens on them which allows a nice breeze to flow through.  This also allows us to listen to the amazing sounds of a variety of tropical birds.  Everything is so green outside, the rainy season definately keeps things lush.  We have 2 clothes lines, one of which is under the patio so you can still hang dry clothes when it's raining.  The kitchen meets all our needs, but I don't feel like using the oven much in this heat though.  The neck coolers we brought are coming in handy on the extra muggy days.
The house is on a fairly quiet road in the town of Redlynch, just outside of Cairns.  It takes me about 15 minutes to get to work and about 15 min. into downtown Cairns.  So everything is close by.

13 Toona Terrace

Kids lounge area

The backyard

Trying Vegemite
Everyone wants to know about the bugs...so here we go.  Not too bad!  Have seen a few kane toads outside, very huge!  We see lots of small geckos around, sometimes on the walls, but they are looking for bugs.  I have seen one spider about the size of a walnut on the gate, some cockroaches, some green ants and one beetle.  So not bad at all.  They do have mossies, mosquitos, that you need to put on bug repellent for, just like in Canada.

green ants - they BITE!!

spider at Crystal Cascade
We got the spa filled and are finding it very refreshing!  Since it is the rainy season here, it has been raining, and when I say raining I mean pouring buckets.  The temperature still stays around 30 degrees all day.

cooling off

Brody's room


  1. Looks beautiful!!!! LOTS of room for us!!! teehee!!!! How's the Vegemite??

  2. Very nice...I love the backyard and of course, the spa. Scott, didn't think you would be a fan of Vegemite...not crazy about it myself. But will now know what to get you for your birthday (BIG 50 coming up!!...Jim already there as of yesterday :) Our backyard not so green..yet..well, as far as I remember it is green underneath all that snow. Snowing again today...but it is warmer, so getting better. Hugs - Susan -