Monday, May 30, 2011

Chad's visit - April 2011

Tuesday April 26

We decided to show Chad around Cairns after we took care of some household chores like laundry, cutting the grass and buying groceries.  We packed the cooler and headed out to the lagoon down at the esplanade.  We swam and played with the kids new balls, then barbequed snags, and enjoyed the scenery along the esplanade.  Afterwards we took him to Crystal Cascades and swam in a new spot.  They had fun sliding off the rocks and over the small falls.  Chad cooked supper for us tonight, ribs!  YUM!!
Enjoying our Easter gifts

Scott cooking with his new friends

Exercise time on the Esplanade

Anzac monument

Hike to Crystal Cascades

No you go first!

Helping Hailey across

Ready, set go!!

Wednesday April 27

It was a pupil free day at school(inservice), so I had to go to work.  I went to an inservice on BOYS.  The rest of the gang went to the Barron Gorge, Lake Placid, the cable park and Holloways Beach.  They said that the Barron river looked completely different without the large amount of water flowing down it.  We also took Chad past the feilds to see some live kangaroos, as he only saw dead ones on our road trip home from Hamilton Island!!!
Slamming into the waves

Walking on water!

Ready to be knocked over

Thursday April 28

School was back in and we had our Anzac Liturgy this morning.  It is like Remembrance Day, but just for the Aussie and New Zealand soldiers.  Scott dropped us off at school and we gave Chad a tour of Holy Cross before he took him to the airport for noon.

Chad at our place

Anzac wreaths

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  1. The rock slides look fun!!!! WHAT is Brody doing in the Exercise time photo???